Look up at your Lodger agreement

If you are a student you must know some things before sign any contract. You need to know more than your rights and liabilities. The things gets harder if you are looking for student accommodation LondonĀ  with others because if you are a sensible person you can be treat wrong by your house mates.

As a landlord that provides student house share you should let your tenant to make a choice when he signs the contract, otherwise you can encounter some problems. Also, if you are a responsible person you will give important advice to your tenants to avoid very important problems. Accommodation for students can be tough especially when you are on a budget.

The first choice you have to give to your tenant is to choose if he wants a sole contract or a joint contract. Our advice is to give a sole contract to each tenant (if you have more for the same house/room) because a joint one can bring important problems to the one that sign it.

A sole contract is the one a tenant sign and gives him the responsibility just for his part. You are responsible only with your rent and that is all.

A joint contract means that the whole rent is on your name and if your house mates will not pay their rent you need to do it for them. If they will not give you the money for rent you can get your money back only with legal help.

Our advice is to never sign a joint contract because it is a huge responsibility and you can never trust anyone no matter who they are. This contract can give you many problems as a tenant so, avoid to sign it no matter what.

Another problem you can have is with bills. Bills can be on your landlords’ name, on your name or on all tenants name.

Of course, the best option is to be on all tenants name because you avoid to arguing with your house mates. One or more of them can to not pay their bills and you will have to pay for them all and we are sure that you do not want that. As the same it is with the rent, you can get your money back only with legal actions. In conclusion, having everything individual is the best option for everyone.

A responsible landlord that want to lent rooms in London and who respect his tenants will tell all of these information and advices to each tenant he has. He will gain his tenants trust and he will never have problems.

In conclusion, all you have to do to leave in peace in the house is too be responsible only about your part of rent and bills. Otherwise, arguing cannot be avoided. If your landlord do not want to sign a sole contract, you should search for another one that want. Do not forget that the landlord will not suffer if your flat mates or house mates will not pay your bills because you will need to do it for them.