Best renting tips for landlords

If you have an uninhabited house and you want to rent it, you have to know that it is a hard market place, because you will meet different kind of problems and you need to trust a stranger.

So, if you are a landlord or you want to be a good one (if you want to rent rooms in London) you need to take care about some conditions as:

  1. To renovate your house- if you want to be a good landlord and to rent your house you need to invest first. No one wants a damaged house or one that doesn’t look good. You need to clean it and give to your house a new aspect. If you have a window, an installation (for water or gas), a piece of furniture or something else damaged, you need to repair it firstly. To have success with renting you can to repaint the walls and change some old furniture because tenants don’t want luxurious house, but they don’t want old furniture too.
  2. Take care about your tenants. To make people want to live in your house, you need to take care about some important stuff as their intimacy. So, if you will want your tenants to do house share in London or room share in London you need to give them the change to have some intimacy. For example, you can isolate phonic your rooms and to give them keys from their rooms.
  3. To post a good add. If you want to rent room in London, you need to give all the details needed in your announcement and more than that to be honest with all you are saying in your announcement text. You need to take photos and post them, but these photos need to be done from good perspective, to show people exactly what they want to see: all your rooms, from different angles. You must specify some essential details as: the size of your house/rooms, what conditions you offer: air conditioner, warm water, central heating, TVs, internet, microwave and so on. You need to write your price and it has to be a modest one, because expensive prices scare people.
  4. To ask the good questions. If you want to hire professionals and to have trust in them, you need to put the right questions. It is hard to find someone serious nowadays and if you let them in your house without investigate them, you can have big problems. Ask them what they are doing in London, why they live their ex house and analyze their behavior when they are with you,

Room share in London or house share in London can be a difficult thing, so pay attention!