Doing business with restaurants

Restaurants are a hard business because you need to accomplish so many conditions and to choose carefully your workers: bartenders, chiefs and waiters.

Brisanis is a restaurant with international cuisine, but before that it has to respect some conditions. A restaurant need to have enough employees able to cover all guests, enough chiefs to can cover all meals requests, a kitchen equipped with good pans, plates and so on. The most important thing is to have the kitchen perfectly cleaned anytime, to wash the dishes in a proper way and to use only fresh products.

About the food, you have to know that you need to offer to your guests good and wanted food. You can choose between two types of restaurant: the one that have traditional food from your country or the one that have in the menu international cuisine. Both of them can be risky because if you provide traditional food, people that live in your city can be bored of it, but tourist can be excited and can love your restaurant food; if you provide international cuisine, people that live in your city and not only can be excited to try new types of food but also can be reticent.

You can also try different cuisine styles as: vegan cuisine, vegetarian cuisine, nouvelle cuisine, haute cuisine, fusion cuisine and note by note cuisine.

Also, you can choose between: Italian, Arab, Bulgarian, Romanian, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Persian, French and so on.

You can have different types of wines from Canada, France; cheese from France or chocolate from Switzerland.

Your prices need to be affordable for everyone, in this way you will have more customers. The aspect of the restaurant also need to be welcoming, modern or rustic, but the main thing is to be a welcoming place, to make people come to your restaurant again and again.

Also, all your employees need to be communicative, always gentle, always ready to talk with the client and to talk to them about the food or drinks, if they ask for it (it means that your waiter need to know very good the menu and the food, to can talk about it to clients). The chiefs need to be always ready to change de recipe or to add or remove an ingredient.

If you think that you are able to do that, all you have to do is to have insurances and to buy the necessary things for your future restaurant: chairs, tables, equipment and products.