What should you expect at a restaurant? Find out here

In the following text you will find out what is important for a restaurant to have and what our restaurant can offer.

But the first question is: why is so important for people a restaurant?

Well, people are visiting this kind of place for relaxing, having fun with friends, eating something they can’t do at home or something they do not know how to do it, to have new experiences with new kinds of food, from curiosity or just because they do not like to cook. Also, a restaurant is an important place for business. Many business men are meeting at fancy restaurants to close an important deal.

Also, tourists that are coming to visit our city, will never eat at home. They came in a holiday to relax, not to stay in the kitchen and cook, so they choose to eat their meal in a restaurant. If they aren’t from our country, they will always want to try something traditional, but in the same time locals will want to eat something new. What we have to do in that situation? You will find soon because we did it already!

First, let’s find out what a restaurant had to be or to have to keep people’s eyes on it and to come here often.

So, restaurant must be attractive from all points of view. They must be decorated in such a way that a client will want to come one more times, with every visit he made. An important thing is to be decorated depending on what type of food it serves. Clean is another important thing. The floors, the furniture, the dishes all of them must shine! Also the kitchen must be in a very good sanitary condition! The food served must be always fresh and just prepared for client! No one should eat rotten food that were cooked in such a way that the client will not observe.

A restaurant must also have experts in cooking. If a restaurant serves international cuisine, chefs must be natives. The food must look awesome. The aspect of a meal is very important for our clients! It must be special, to please the client and to make him want more. A food taste counts, but it is the same for smell and aspect. Only with these three things you will win peoples assessments.

Our restaurant offers such a big variety in international cuisine, that people are amazed when they see the menu.  We have organized the restaurant in such a way that we made him serve multinational food. We have a big place reserved for every international cuisine we serve and also for our traditional food.

We serve Chinese food and that’s why we designed a part from our restaurant after their habits. You can also listen to Chinese music. This room Is phonic isolated, so people that serve their meals in the nearest room will not hear music from another country if they serve Turkish food or traditional food.

We have native chefs from China and Turkey to serve you the best international cuisine food you ever served.

Chinese international cuisine offers: shanghai kitchen, fried milk, friend ice cream, kitchen with vegetables, beef with vegetables, kitchen with pineapple, kitchen with black mushrooms, wok with Chinese noodles, fried rice to be served instead of bread and kitchen with cashew nuts. (and many others). They all are delicious!

Our Turkish cuisine offers you: Baklava- dessert native from Turkey, pie made from dough stuffed with many other ingredients as walnuts, pistachios, sugar and cinnamon, in honey syrup after baking.  Patlican Kebabi- beef, tomatoes, onion, chili, eggplant, all of them grilled; Mercimek Koftesi- vegetable lentil patties, onion and tomato sauce, ideal dish for vegetarians and it is perfect as a side dish or even appetizer, Cacik- soup with yoghurt and dill, mint and pepper, Kadayif- with syrup and lemon juice and many other Turkish meals.

If it is possible, our restaurant also serves traditionally vegetables and fruits from China and Turkey. We try to bring to you how closer we can other cultures, types of meals even if we try to do it through food, we are pretty good at it because people love new experiences.

If you are new here and you want to eat something absolutely delicious you must visit our restaurant! Our international cuisine will definitely make you want more! Every month we try to bring something new in our menu and also in our restaurant appearance. We know that seeing or eating the same thing always is boring for many persons and that is why we try to make you being accomplished with our work!

We invest in our client’s happiness because they are the most important for us!

That is why you can come with new ideas! Whatever you want to eat, drink or see in our restaurant, you can write down on a paper and give it to one from our waiters or just ask a waiter to call the supervisor.

We will try to do everything for your pleasure and happiness, because food is one from the most important daily habits and needs. We make our food from totally natural ingredients, because we want to keep you healthy! Most of them are risen in our gardens and we can assure you that they aren’t chemically treated! Others are brought from different fabrics that are in China or Turkey, because our climate don’t allow us to plant all the vegetables and fruits used. Our milk, meat and natural juices are also 100% natural!

Early in the morning, late in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening we are waiting for you!